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We perform various types of surgery, but the most popular is the extraction of 3rd molars (wisdom teeth).

This is because wisdom teeth usually don't have enough room to grow in. It ends up being born crooked, causing pain, inflammation, cavities and displacing the other teeth. For this reason, it is necessary to remove these elements, thus avoiding future worries.

The surgery is performed in the doctor's office, with state-of-the-art instruments and medicines, such as computerized anesthesia and low-power lasotherapy, so that the patient feels as little discomfort as possible during and after the surgery.


Piezosurgery is an advanced dental surgery technique that cuts through hard tissues such as bone and preserves soft tissues such as gums, nerves, membranes and blood vessels. For the patient, this means less pain, bleeding, edema, a reduced likelihood of infection, no sutures and a much faster post-surgical recovery. It works by converting an electric current into ultrasonic waves that cut the bone using linear vibrations. This system allows the dentist greater surgical precision and better visibility during surgery. It can be used in implant surgery, bone grafting, clinical crown augmentation, apicectomy, exodontia, among others.

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