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Avoid bad breath

Many people think that bad breath is caused by a stomach or liver problem, but more than 90% of halitosis cases are of oral origin.

The most common cause is a decrease in saliva, mainly due to daily stress or taking medication. This decrease in saliva makes it easier for bacteria and food debris to accumulate on the tongue, causing an unpleasant smell.

Another common cause is poor oral hygiene, which leads to tooth and gum disease. With a consultation and a good chat, we can diagnose what is causing this unpleasant problem and indicate the necessary treatment.

With the right treatment and the patient's cooperation, we have a huge chance of success.

It's worth remembering that studies have shown that people who suffer from bad breath don't usually know they have it, but only let those around them know. That's why we need their cooperation to detect this unpleasant problem.

Dr. Camila Dutra gives tips and talks about the problem of Halitosis in her column for the CBN Saúde program, check it out in the video

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